Botleys Mansion wedding photographer. This was always going to be a great wedding for me – Simon is an old friend and I’m happy to say, Friederike is now a new friend. Botleys Mansion is one of Bijou wedding venues stunning country houses, add in some sunshine and you have the perfect day. Also in the mix was a German bride (timings meticulously organised) and an Australian groom (“yeah, whatever mate, just go for it”): German wedding traditions of tapping the wine glasses throughout the meal until the bride and groom kiss and Australian wedding tradition of bringing a bottle of rum to the table. The day started with a very civilised drinks reception before the ceremony outdoors. Followed by a very relaxing reception in the glorious sunshine – which actually left a few of the Aussies confused, I mean England in the sunshine, they weren’t expecting that! Whatever next, England winning the cricket? Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.

Wedding photos at Botleys Mansion

Botleys Mansion wedding photographyBotleys Mansion wedding photographer

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Simon’s daughters – you can see who is in charge (and I’ll give you a clue, it’ not Simon!)undefinedBotleys Mansion wedding photosundefinedundefined

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