Brocket Hall wedding. This time last week and the Brocket Hall wedding of Helen and Toby would have been freezing cold (around minus six degrees) and snowy. But what a difference a week makes -the day turned out to be unseasonably warm and the sun even made a brief appearance at one point. Dare I say it, spring is almost in the air. (There you go, you can blame me if winter digs it’s heels in and I’ve spoken too soon!) There certainly was a lot of warmth from Helen and Toby’s fantastic wedding; Brocket Hall is always a stunning venue to photograph and more so when you have a couple as lovely, friendly and welcoming as these two. A lot of hard work had been put into the day, fantastic wine themed details throughout and, of course, fantastic wine to drink. Toby’s father had nobly stepped up to the challenge of making sure there were enough empty jeroboam bottles to make table name card holders for every table, the lengths some folk will go to make sure that every last detail is catered for is heart-warming! The civil ceremony was held downstairs at the hall, I think the stunning flower arrangements must have brought out Toby’s hay fever, he was a bit teary during the service. Or perhaps he was aware of the mild-roasting he was going to get from his best men …


With the warm weather, it was no problem to head down to the bridge for some photographs of just Helen and Toby. Thankfully there were no golfers around but we had to be quite efficient as it was starting to get a little chilly. Back to the hall for the evening in the impressive ballroom. And then back downstairs for the much awaited for silky smooth dancing skills of Toby. I’d like to say the dancing skills of Toby and Helen but I think Helen was struggling to keep a straight face through out it all!

Here are a few of my favourite images


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  1. Fernando Colaço says:

    James, this a great and very complete cover of the wedding. And, let me say, you do all with a great skill: the color control, beautiful portraits and party is party. Congrats. Well done.

  2. Steve Hargreaves says:

    I really like these, fabulous collection of images