Brocket Hall wedding photography is always a fun challenge. There is always so much opportunity for stunning photographs, the challenge is holding back from turning the day into one big photo shoot! Once again this year, we were blessed with an unseasonably good weather for this time of year especially considering less than a week previous it was nearly -10 degrees and snowy. Helen and Toby’s wedding day was warm and dry, we even had most of the drinks reception outside on the front lawn. The sun tried it’s best to peak out from behind the clouds but eventually gave up after only a brief showing. Helen was radiant all day and Toby certainly looked like the cat who got the cream. Toby’s father must also get a mention for his earnest efforts in making sure that there were enough empty jeroboam bottles of fine wine to make the table name holders – I think a few of the ushers were keen to make sure there were plenty more after the wedding.

Here’s one of my favourites from the day,looking over the lake at Brocket Hall. Many more images to follow. If you would like to see the images when they are ready – and Helen and Toby have seen them (!) please fill in this form.

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