All week long, howling gales have been hitting the UK so the weather wasn’t looking promising for Emma and James’s Christs College wedding this weekend. But it really was the quiet after the storm as we had picture perfect skies and a warm and rain-free day. I had packed the car in full expectation of having to battle fierce wind and storms but thankfully it wasn’t needed. The word of the day? Well, it had to be ‘shoes’ and specifically Louboutins! So it’s probably a travesty that this shot is not of the incredible shoes themselves (that’s the main Louboutins, not the second pair for the car …) They actually deserve a little post all of their own.


Here’s a shot of Emma from the start of the day on the roof terrace of The Varsity Hotel showing incredible grace and poise at the awkward moment another bride came up on to the terrace to have her photographs taken – obviously nowhere near as glamorous or beautiful as Emma. More images to follow soon.



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