Cricket at Brocket Hall wedding photos

Photographing Amy and Martin’s wedding at Brocket Hall over the weekend, Martin mentioned to me that there wasn’t enough cricket on my blog. Well, actually, no cricket at all. And he gave me the opportunity to redeem myself by setting up a game of garden cricket on the lawn of Brocket Hall. It was the end of a long and emotional day and I could see, as Martin took to the crease, asking the umpire for his mark, he was determined to put on a decent show. First ball was a range finder and Martin wisely let it go behind. The second ball he played defensively to get his eye in during the lowering light. The third ball Martin pivoted majestically on his back foot Caribbean style, the bat swinging in a blur …only for the ball to be played on directly to his wicket. To the non-cricket fans of this blog (and I suspect there are one or two), this is not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. You’ll see also that the bowler took the wicket with good grace and didn’t ham up the celebrations in anyway at all.


Brocket Hall wedding photo


For the non-cricket fans, the last image is a pretty picture of Amy playing croquet.


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