Festival wedding photographer | Part Two

Festival wedding photographer | Part Two

Festival wedding photographer. Part two of Charley and Steve’s brilliant steam punk woodland festival wedding. Every element was truly unique and personal to them. None more so than Charley’s dress and Steve’s outfit, just look at those brilliant headdresses! The ceremony was pretty spectacular (see Part One), so much singing, joy and laughter and the evening was no different, so full of fun. Charley and Steve had made a huge effort to put on this wedding and the love for these guys was reciprocated by all the guests who there; the love from every single guest towards this incredible couple was tangible. So much of the day was put together by the help of individuals, it was a huge community effort. And the rewards were worth it, an incredible day that won’t be forgotten!

Festival wedding photographer


festival-wedding-002.jpg festival-wedding-003.jpg festival-wedding-004.jpg festival-wedding-005.jpg festival-wedding-006.jpg Festival wedding festival-wedding-008.jpg Festival wedding photographer festival-wedding-010.jpg festival-wedding-011.jpg yurt wedding festival-wedding-013.jpg steam punk festival wedding festival-wedding-015.jpg festival-wedding-016.jpg festival-wedding-017.jpg festival-wedding-018.jpg festival-wedding-019.jpg festival-wedding-020.jpg festival-wedding-021.jpg festival-wedding-022.jpg festival-wedding-023.jpg festival-wedding-024.jpg festival-wedding-025.jpg festival-wedding-026.jpg steam punk wedding Festival wedding photographer Festival wedding photographer Festival wedding photography festival-wedding-031.jpg festival-wedding-032.jpg festival-wedding-033.jpg festival-wedding-034.jpg festival-wedding-035.jpg festival-wedding-036.jpg festival-wedding-037.jpg festival-wedding-038.jpg festival-wedding-039.jpg festival-wedding-040.jpg festival-wedding-041.jpg festival-wedding-042.jpg festival-wedding-043.jpg festival-wedding-044.jpg festival-wedding-045.jpg Festival wedding photographer festival-wedding-047.jpg festival-wedding-048.jpg festival-wedding-049.jpg yurt weddings festival-wedding-051.jpg festival-wedding-052.jpg festival-wedding-053.jpg festival-wedding-054.jpg festival-wedding-055.jpg festival-wedding-056.jpg festival-wedding-057.jpg wedding photography at festival festival-wedding-059.jpg festival-wedding-060.jpg festival-wedding-061.jpg Festival wedding photographer festival-wedding-063.jpg festival-wedding-064.jpg festival-wedding-065.jpg festival-wedding-066.jpg festival-wedding-067.jpg Festival wedding photographer festival-wedding-069.jpg festival-wedding-070.jpg festival-wedding-071.jpg festival-wedding-072.jpg festival-wedding-073.jpg festival-wedding-074.jpg festival-wedding-075.jpg festival-wedding-076.jpg festival-wedding-077.jpg Festival wedding festival-wedding-079.jpg Festival wedding photographer festival-wedding-081.jpg festival-wedding-082.jpg festival-wedding-083.jpg festival-wedding-084.jpg festival-wedding-085.jpg festival-wedding-086.jpg festival-wedding-087.jpg festival-wedding-088.jpg festival-wedding-089.jpg festival-wedding-090.jpg festival-wedding-091.jpg


And you can see Part One by clicking here


  • Emily Harrison


    Wow! This looks like such a fun wedding to have captured. So unique, i love the theme! Great Work James!

    5th February 2016 at 1:13 pm
  • Ellie Gillard


    Such a cool couple and venue – that long yurt marquee!

    18th November 2015 at 10:09 am
  • Great work James & what an amazing wedding!

    16th November 2015 at 10:03 pm
  • Lyndsey Goddard


    Wow what an amazingly unique wedding! What a great vision from the bride, put together with such thought and attention to detail. It’s a real visual feast for the eyes, and the party looks such fun! Perfectly captured of course, Jim – top work!

    14th November 2015 at 2:00 pm

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