Framlingham College wedding photography. What an incredible day! I met Kirsten and Jamie a year before their wedding and I knew straight away that their wedding was going to be a lot of fun. It was also going to be one of the most organised weddings I’d been involved in for quiet some time – Kirsten took wedding spreadsheets to a whole new level! When we met up for their engagement shoot earlier in the year, Jamie was completely unphased when Kirsten unfolded a bit of paper the size of a bed-sheet, which was my time line and organisational notes for the day. Jamie gave a little shrug of the shoulders as to say “this is standard Kirsten efficiency”, in-depth but it doesn’t half mean that things get done. And the day was faultless! I do often wonder if military campaigns wouldn’t be more efficient if they had a bride or a mother of the bride somewhere in charge.

There was so much effort and detail put into the day but for me, as always, the success of the wedding comes down to the chemistry of the couple and these guys had it in the bucket-full. Framlingham Church is always a beautiful church to photograph in, grand yet warm and welcoming. After the ceremony, we wondered up to the castle for a few photographs – nothing like keeping the tourists on their toes. From the castle bridge you can see Framlingham School which is where the reception and wedding breakfast were happening later in the day – and impressive view. Equally impressive view was the site of the castle from the school grounds where the guests were enjoying the afternoon on the College lawns.

Framlingham College wedding photography

The staff at the College did an incredible job of making the whole day flow seamlessly and gracefully. Kirsten looked stunning from start to finish, even late into the evening on the dance floor – Jamie had a day of two halves, pre- and post-speech. If ever there was a groom who looked more nervous before a speech or more happy afterwards, I’ve yet to see it. Then again choosing someone from your rugby club to be your best man, is always going to add a certain element of anxiety! Jamie made up for any nerves on the dance floor. An impressive display from all the parents as well …but I’ll let the photos speak for that! Framlingham College wedding photography.

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  1. Martin Hambleton says:

    Fabulous. Totally fabulous, from start to finish.

    1. Thanks Martin, glad you like the photos!