Fulham Palace wedding of Caroline & Jamie

21st March 2020


Fulham Palace wedding. It’s been a stormy winter with unpredictable days: some glorious, most grisly. The weekend before Christmas was looking a bit touch and go. But the weather wasn’t going to dampen Caroline and Jamie’s spirits, they were determined to enjoy the day and make it an absolute belter! They had basic premise of getting a big bunch of great friends and family together, add in a positive celebration vibe with a few glasses of fizzy pop and you can’t really go wrong. The plan worked superbly; the ceremony in All Saints, Fulham was full of emotion and the reception and party at Fulham Palace was out-standing. If there was any pre-Christmas party fatigue, it wasn’t showing here. The great thing about having a wedding the weekend before Christmas is that end of term feeling everyone has.


This is not to say that a lot of thought and planning had gone into the day. It was immaculately managed by Caroline who is capable as she is lovely. An infectious smile and a positive and proactive approach. When I met them a few days beforehand, Caroline had the look of a mountaineer about to summit, determined but elated. Jamie had the look of a lot grooms at this stage – as if he had just stepped out of a tumble drier, slightly bemused by the amount of work and detail that goes on in a wedding. Where most grooms strengths may not lie in organising the minutia of seating plans or when flowers need to be delivered and collected, Jamie’s strengths came into their own on the day. Hugely welcoming and engaging personality with a quiet charm and a genuine interest for everyone he meets. With the energy and enthusiasm of a Labrador off the leash, you can’t help but come away feeling good about yourself having spent time with these two. Good work families, you’ve brought up two of the nicest people you  are likely to meet.


My day started with the girls who were getting ready in a house next to Fulham Football ground on match day. The excitement of however many thousands of fans that were collecting outside really couldn’t match the excitement inside. A relaxed morning with lots of easy chat but fizzing with anticipation. Then a short walk up the road to see the boys in one of Jamie’s favourite restaurants. Lots of laughter and banter before a hop over the road to the church. All Saints is a grand and glorious church and an elegant setting for this very special of ceremonies. I am always impressed with a vicar who makes the ceremony personal to the couple and makes everyone feel part of the day. Afterwards, there was a coffee cart waiting with a warming brew. I think this must have fired everyone up as Caroline and Jamie walked through a storm of confetti as the led the way to the Palace for the reception.


Fulham Palace is a little oasis of a wedding venue in the middle of London. The gardens may not be at their best in winter but it’s a pleasant walk and a warm welcome. Plenty of room for a large wedding reception and a brilliantly efficient team to look after all the guests. Nothing to do except settle in and enjoy the glorious hospitality. The meal was held in the marquee outside and then back into the palace for a full bar of cocktails. It was party time! The crowds impressive dancing skills were boosted by the superb Apres Ski, a quality wedding band. A big thumbs up to them all. Fulham Palace wedding.