Gorgeous, sunny day for the Gosfield Hall spring wedding of Meera and Tim. We started the day with preparations at Gosfield Hall before heading over to the round church at Little Mapplestead for the ceremony. This wedding was slightly unusual in that it was Meera and Tim’s second wedding having had the Indian version the week before. This was very much the English version with the marriage at a quaint English church and reception at a historic country house.

I’m not sure what the wedding was like the week before but I think a few people were still recovering from it – if the dance floor by the end of this wedding was anything to go by, I bet it was one incredible party! Although this may have been a more formal occasion, it certainly didn’t stop Meera from beaming from ear to ear all day with that huge and engaging smile of hers. I hope she felt as fantastic as she looked as she looked amazing and happy all day.


After the ceremony, it was back to Gosfield Hall for the rest of the wedding day. What could be better than champagne and canapés in the courtyard in the sunshine – let’s hope this weather carries on like this! I did feel sorry for those giving the speeches having already given speeches the week before. Writing one good speech is difficult enough; writing two good speeches, making sure that the second speech tops the first is a real challenge. Thankfully the gents were up to the task and did themselves proud.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Swales!


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Spring has well and truly sprung! And not a moment too soon – after a wet and windy winter, it is great to be having a proper spring days. The sunshine was almost electric for Meera and Tim’s Gosfield Hall spring wedding, let’s hope this bodes well weather-wise for the rest of the year. Bright, low-lying sun can be a problem for some photographers but really, it’s a great problem to have! Meera looked absolutely radiant throughout, undeniably the loveliest part of the day.

The wedding ceremony itself was in the village of Little Maplestead, near where Tim grew up, in the ancient and historic of St John the Baptist (or The Round Church). This was their second wedding as they had a Hindu ceremony the week before so I imagine a genteel English village church and country house wedding reception was probably very different to just seven days previous. Two weddings is a rare treat although I think the various speech writers were under pressure to come up with fresh material twice! They managed it and stylishly done too.


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