Great Lodge wedding photography

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Great Lodge wedding photography. It’s not difficult to find positive things to say about Rory and Bradley’s wedding at Great Lodge. The difficulty is that there are too many positive things to say about their day! If I had to narrow it down to the main things it would be that their day was stylish and elegant as well as one huge party. All underlined with the passion they have for their friends and family. Every discussion they had they through out the day was usually a discussion about how to make sure the day was going perfectly, not for them but for their guests. It might have been their wedding but it was a party for everyone.

There was so much depth in their planning, every element was a nod to their families, to their stories and to their future together. So many details put into the day, so much hard work yet once the day had started, it was about sitting back and enjoying it.


Did I mention there were also wedding Alpacas? Okay … but more of that later.

Bradley and Rory stamped their style on the day in so many different ways. One key bonus for me was that we did the portraits of the two of them and a majority of the formal group shots before the day started. Just the three of us before anyone turned up meant we could relax, take a little more time to wander around the incredible vines of Great Lodge and get some photos of just the two of them. I was amazed to find out how shy and humble they were.


Then onto the party! One thing that these two are exceptional at is putting on a party. And they did not disappoint. Sparkles and glitter; a photo booth themed with all of Rory’s musicals he’s taken part in; and a belting dance floor filled from start to finish. When the music is so spot on, you know that the team from Dreamwave is not far away.

Special mention must go to Hannah Cuthbertson who helped manage the day and pull together all the various elements and make it run so smoothly.


Great Lodge wedding photography.