Hedsor wedding photography

Hedsor House wedding photos

Hedsor wedding photography. This was as perfect a wedding day as you could ever hope for. You can plan for so much for a wedding but it is not until the day itself that you see it all come together. And this was an immaculately planned wedding! Ione made it all sound so effortless whilst casually dropping in her work towards some seriously academic qualifications. Oh, and moving house. Of course. All that hard work paid off, it was quite simply an incredible day.

Whilst the girls were getting ready in the bridal suite, the boys were at the other end of the corridor in the Hoffman room having the age old pre-wedding discussion about how to fold a handkerchief or put on a buttonhole. I often wonder if these things were invented to keep the boys busy in the morning. Left to their own devices, you never know what they would get up too.

Hedsor wedding photographer


Church ceremony at Hedsor House

I can feel a lovely day brewing when I know that the all the flurry of the morning is genuine excitement and not nerves. The ushers were very excited about having a golf buggy to take them down to the church. Dominic kept a cool head and didn’t let any of his nerves show. Not until his best man got up to give his speech but that’s a story for later. The church is just a short walk from the main house (or buggy ride for the ushers … not that I want to sound jealous or anything). Hedsor House is beautifully nestled into the Buckinghamshire countryside and couldn’t be more quintessentially English. I loved the glorious summer’s day, with bright blue skies. What an incredible way to start married life.

Ione and Dominic were whisked back up the hill in the buggy (sorry ushers, time to walk). A champagne reception on the lawn before everyone headed into the air conditioned rooms for the meal. Ahh, joy. The evening dancing was quite spectacular and I suspect the bespoke cocktails might have had something to do with that. Whilst some guests showed what they could do on the dance floor, the rest made the most of the cool night air in the sunken garden watching the sky go through every shade of pinks and golds before the night settled in.

Congratulations to a brilliantly lovely couple. If your life together is anywhere near as fantastic as your wedding day, you are in for an incredible time together! Hedsor wedding photography.

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