This one is especially for Megan – who not only looked stunning through out her wedding day and didn’t stop smiling but managed to keep that beautiful smile going as I disappeared into the under growth to get this image. Dan from FromtheHip video was a few short feet away from me as well, hiding behind some pale grasses, both of us with our heads barely poking out. We looked like two rather over-sized and not so energetic meerkats who every now and again shouted useful things like “…just ignore us, pretend we’re not even here …”. Not only did Megan and Chris keep a straight face through out it all, they did it with incredible grace and charm. A simple image with such a great looking couple. Our biggest challenge was actually asking Chris to look at the camera as he couldn’t keep his eyes off Megan for more than a few seconds at a time – and who could blame him!

Hengrave Hall spring wedding.


Hengrave Hall spring wedding


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