Hengrave Hall weddings are always a lot of fun but add a superb couple and a full day of sunshine – what more could you ask for! Katie and Dom were a fantastic couple to work with, bags of energy and enthusiasm and such a stunning couple as well. For me, they had the right attitude in organizing their wedding – everything had the right amount of importance, which meant the day was personal and yet a lot of fun for everyone involved. I know this is the Just One part of the blog and the keen eyed amongst you might notice that there are actually two images below. But I’m justifying it by the fact that the first image is straight after their civil ceremony and the second is the confetti shot after their blessing. In the first image, I’m hoping Katie is laughing because of the sweet nothings Dom is whispering in her ear rather than the fact that she’s just noticed the interesting’ colours of his jacket lining! The second image is full of the excitement after a wedding ceremony, the release and relief …oh, and a lot of confetti! Here are the two images that sum up the day for me with plenty more to come soon.

Hengrave Hall wedding.

Hengrave Hall weddingHengrave Hall

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