Hengrave Hall wedding photos of Rachel and Dougan




Hengrave Hall wedding photos of Rachel and Dougan. The day started early with the boys at Hengrave Hall in the boys room – a room designed totally with boys in mind – large screen TV, pool table, card table and a small bathroom (well, who needs a large bathroom when there’s football on TV and pool to be played, right?) Then over to Long Melford to see how the girls were getting on and needless to say, they were getting on a lot more efficiently! A short walk over the freshly mown strip of common (good work Mr Lee) to Long Melford Church. Long Melford church is one of the most beautiful country churches in East Anglia and the reception was held at Hengrave Hall, again one of the most beautiful weddings venues. Good thing we had a good looking bride and groom to match up with the backdrops! Hengrave Hall wedding photos.


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