30th March 2019

Henham Park wedding photography of Jen & Oliver


Henham Park wedding photography. What a day! What a couple. And what a stunning place to have a wedding. There is so much to like about having a wedding at Henham Park and one of the great things about this venue is the ability to stamp your own style on the day. That is exactly what Jennifer and Oliver did, they had a very strong vision for their day and they pulled it off brilliantly.

The spark for the day started way back at a weekend at the Latitude Festival which is held in the estate of Henham Park. A very chilled and inclusive festival weekend where a few short months before Jennifer and Oliver were enjoying the summer sunshine and relaxing vibe. I imagine them standing on the iconic wooden bridge thinking the next time we’ll be here will be in smart wedding clothes having just been married!


And so to a crisp spring day where the weather is just shrugging off the winter chill. A gloriously sunny day but the sun is still low in the sky giving the start and the end of the day a lovely misty, romantic feel. Added to that was a rustic charm of the barn with all the chic touches that they had put together to make the day their own.


The day started with Jennifer and her family in the cottage next to the barn. Big enough to accomodate lots of people and large enough for Jen to have her own peace and quiet whilst getting ready. The boys turned up suited and booted ready to make sure the last of the finishing touches were perfect. The wedding ceremony was held in the Red Gallery to one side of the main barn, perfect for such an intimate ceremony. It was a testament to these two lovely people that even the registrars were welling up with emotion towards the end. The lovely folks at Suffolk Registrars are by far the best and most professional I have had the pleasure to work with – to see them get invested in this wedding is a sign of how much they take their job seriously.


After the emotions of the ceremony, it was outside into the sunshine for a celebration of the day. A few formal photos, a buggy ride down to the wooden bridge and some relaxing time sitting and chilling, enjoying the delicious canapes in the sun. The patio had been filled up with party games for everyone, young and old. Before they sat down for the evening meal, the y had the Polish tradition of the salt and bread …and a shot of vodka. The salt and the bread is a humbling reminder of the basics of life. There are two shot glasses, one with vodka and one with water. Whoever chooses the one with vodka gets to make the decisions in the rest of the marriage. Of all the times I’ve seen this ceremony, I’ve yet to see a groom choose the vodka!

A brilliant day led into a superb evening of partying and more shots of vodka. One very special mention has to go to the cake. An incredible sculpture of the bride and groom, exact in every way even down to what they were wearing on the day itself. Incredible! Henham Park wedding photography.


If you are getting married at Henham Barns or feel my style of photography would be a good fit for your wedding, please feel free to get in touch, I would be happy to have a chat about your day.

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