Holly and Ross’s tentipi wedding was a stylish country affair. Holly had put in an incredible amount of work into every detail for the day, creating a perfect yet wonderfully relaxed feel to it all. The only detail that couldn’t be organised was the weather and it kept us guessing right up until the last minute! Glorious on Friday – tipping it down on Saturday morning. But thankfully as Holly’s car pulled up at the church, the rain stopped. Now that is timing! The evening’s dancing looked in good hands as Holly’s father did a nifty hip-sway down the aisle to avoid the pew ends. Waiting at the alter, Ross’s confidently calm exterior looked like it may have a had a little wobble. Good weather meant that they could be whisked away in an amazing 1929 Bentley – and I’m was impressed that the car was driven as it was meant to be even down muddy and bumpy country tracks which gave us a great photo opportunity up a country lane in an arcade of trees. Here’s a few of my favourite from the day.


Tentipi wedding


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