Loseley wedding photos. It was a typical English day in mid-March and was probably a little chillier than the Aussie contingent of Fiona and Martin’s wedding were hoping for. I think the word is “brisk’ a lot of the English contingent were using. The Aussies were mainly using a lot fruitier language to describe the weather! In honour of Fiona and her Australian family, Loseley Park had flown the Australian flag from the flagpole on the roof of the house, a rare privilege indeed.

Our day started with bridal preparations at Fiona’s house before heading over to Loseley House for the ceremony itself. The main hall of the house is quite simply stunning – wood panelled walls with ancient family oil paintings and suits of armour. English heritage at it’s finest. After the marriage, it was out towards the barn through a guest line of blowing bubbles.


I loved the fact that music is most definitely a significant part of Fiona and Martin’s life. They originally met at a music festival and share an eclectic taste in music. So much of the day was music themed. So it was no surprise that the day was cranked up a few notches when the evening entertainment kicked in! The evening party was an exceptional part of the day al ln it’s own right, lots of the guests fulling the dance floor for so much of the evening. Loseley wedding photos.

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As ever, the day was brilliantly catered by the lovely people at Caper & Berry. When catering is this good and done so efficiently, you know that you are in safe hands and one of the big dilemmas of organising a wedding day is taken care of. Seamless organisation and effortless planning which makes life so easy. Loseley wedding photos