Merchant Taylors Hall wedding photography of Sophie and Alexander

Merchant Taylors Hall wedding photography. Still holding onto this glorious summer weather, it was off to London to photograph the wedding of Sophie and Alexander. The wedding ceremony was held in the OBE Chapel of St Paul’s Cathedral and officiated by Alexander’s father, Bishop Bob Hardy. The OBE Chapel can be incredibly strict and formal but with Bob at the helm, the ceremony held all the grandeur and importance any wedding should have but with an informal side to it all as well. Alexander’s passion is music and the chapel was full to bursting with the incredible sounds of the choir, many of whom he has sung with over the years. We were lucky enough to get another couple of recitals from them (with Alexander joining in for the last session).


St Paul’s Cathedral weddings are always a lot of fun – ceremony venues really don’t get much grander than this! The OBE Chapel offers an intimacy though, away from the crowds and gawkers. You do have to play a little bit of ‘dodge the tourists’ on the way out (and dodge the four man video team that the florist decided to send …but that’s another story!) After the ceremony it was a quick hop on a coach for a tour of London’s sights before arriving at Merchant Taylors Hall, London, another stunning venue in the heart of London.


The London livery halls never disappoint, steeped in grandeur and history and with great staff who look after everything seamlessly. For all this grandeur, you could easily assume that Sophie and Alexander were high falootin’ folk. But two more humble and straight forward people you are less likely to meet. Surgeons by trade (so we were expecting precision with the cake cut) Sophie has that unforced natural elegance and beauty that she is completely unaware of and Alexander has that strong, calm confidence you’d hope for in anyone who is about to take a scalpel to you! Well, after the ceremony he was calm and confident ..beforehand I think it was a little wobbly. No nerves on the dance floor, I’m glad to say. The DJ slipped from a waltz to Gangnam Style for their first dance which they both rose to the challenge. Merchant Taylors Hall wedding photography.


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  • Beautiful pictures! A wedding in London is definitely something to consider for soon to be newlyweds looking for a perfect place to say their “I do’s.” Every shot in this collection was just brilliantly done and I enjoyed looking at every single one. Great job on this and congratulations to Sophie and Alexander!

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