Notley Abbey autumn wedding photos. There’s a distinctly orange tint to this wedding. Not because I’ve given the images any particularly special treatment. Or because it’s an autumn wedding, the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness. Orange was most definitely the colour theme for the day! Even The Monks’ Refectory, the huge ancient stone building where the ceremony and the evening entertainment took place, was lit up with bright orange. The whole day was brilliantly styled by Stephanie at Revival Rooms. So many superb touches that really made this an incredible day.


Notley Abbey is such a beautiful venue, all year long. It has it’s own different character each season – in autumn, it’s warm, welcoming and very romantic, ideal for indoor weddings if the weather is particularly bad. Suz and Jon were lucky with a typical dry autumnal day – the kind of weather you were happy to step outside for a few photos as well as being outside for sparklers and fireworks in the evening. But not too long before you felt the draw of the warm rooms inside and a glass of bubbly!


The styling and planning of the day was excellent, ideal for me as a photographer, I can photograph lovely details all day long. But what’s important to me are the emotions of a day and this wedding had those in abundance. Suz and Jon have huge hearts and their warmth and kindness ripples through everyone they meet, especially those family and friends who were at the wedding.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.


notley-abbey-autumn-002.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-003.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-004.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-005.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-006.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-007.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-008.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-009.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-010.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-011.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-012.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-013.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-014.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-015.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-016.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-017.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-018.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-019.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-020.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-021.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-022.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-023.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-024.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-025.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-026.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-027.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-028.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-029.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-030.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-031.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-032.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-033.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-034.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-035.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-036.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-037.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-038.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-039.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-040.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-041.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-042.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-043.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-044.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-045.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-046.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-047.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-048.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-049.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-050.jpg Notley Abbey autumn wedding photos notley-abbey-autumn-052.jpg Notley Abbey autumn wedding photos notley-abbey-autumn-054.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-055.jpg Notley Abbey notley-abbey-autumn-057.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-058.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-059.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-060.jpg Notley Abbey wedding notley-abbey-autumn-062.jpg cigar tent notley-abbey-autumn-064.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-065.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-066.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-067.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-068.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-069.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-070.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-071.jpg Notley Abbey autumn wedding notley-abbey-autumn-073.jpg Notley Abbey autumn wedding notley-abbey-autumn-075.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-076.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-077.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-078.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-079.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-080.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-081.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-082.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-083.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-084.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-085.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-086.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-087.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-088.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-089.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-090.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-091.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-092.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-093.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-094.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-095.jpg notley-abbey-autumn-096.jpg Notley Abbey autumn wedding notley-abbey-autumn-098.jpg