Notley Abbey spring wedding. It was a glorious spring day at Notley Abbey for Sarah and James’s Easter weekend wedding. I have been looking forward to this wedding since it was booked into the calendar. Such a lovely couple to work with and such a lovely venue to work at! Notley Abbey is one of the most romantic places for a wedding. Full of incredible history, elegance and style. I always feel that spring time at Notley Abbey is also an incredible time of year as the gardens are bursting with life. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day. Can’t really ask for more than that!


The only element missing was Benji the labrador (who made a very important appearance during the engagement shoot). But it was felt that he might add a little too much excitement to the day. Having Benji deliver the rings would have been fantastic but I suspect he may have got distracted by a squirrel and that would the last we would have seen of both Benji and the rings.


With the cherry trees in blossom and the skies a deep blue, spring was well and truly settled on Notley Abbey. Sarah and James had chosen a brighter easter yellow for their colour theme. It was dotted through out the day in little bright splashes, from socks to ties to place cards. It was subtle touches like this that brought a gentle touch of uniqueness to the day.


Notley Abbey spring wedding notley-wedding-photos-003.jpg notley-wedding-photos-004.jpg notley-wedding-photos-005.jpg notley-wedding-photos-006.jpg notley-wedding-photos-007.jpg notley-wedding-photos-008.jpg notley-wedding-photos-009.jpg notley-wedding-photos-010.jpg notley-wedding-photos-011.jpg notley-wedding-photos-012.jpg notley-wedding-photos-013.jpg notley-wedding-photos-014.jpg notley-wedding-photos-015.jpg notley-wedding-photos-016.jpg notley-wedding-photos-017.jpg notley-wedding-photos-018.jpg notley-wedding-photos-019.jpg notley-wedding-photos-020.jpg notley-wedding-photos-021.jpg notley-wedding-photos-022.jpg notley-wedding-photos-023.jpg notley-wedding-photos-024.jpg notley-wedding-photos-025.jpg notley-wedding-photos-026.jpg notley-wedding-photos-027.jpg notley-wedding-photos-028.jpg notley-wedding-photos-029.jpg notley-wedding-photos-030.jpg notley-wedding-photos-031.jpg notley-wedding-photos-032.jpg notley-wedding-photos-033.jpg notley-wedding-photos-034.jpg notley-wedding-photos-035.jpg notley-wedding-photos-036.jpg notley-wedding-photos-037.jpg notley-wedding-photos-038.jpg Notley Abbey spring wedding Notley Abbey notley-wedding-photos-041.jpg notley-wedding-photos-042.jpg notley-wedding-photos-043.jpg notley-wedding-photos-044.jpg notley-wedding-photos-045.jpg notley-wedding-photos-046.jpg notley-wedding-photos-047.jpg notley-wedding-photos-048.jpg notley-wedding-photos-049.jpg notley-wedding-photos-050.jpg notley-wedding-photos-051.jpg notley-wedding-photos-052.jpg notley-wedding-photos-053.jpg Notley Abbey wedding notley-wedding-photos-055.jpg Notley Abbey wedding photos notley-wedding-photos-057.jpg Notley Abbey spring weddings notley-wedding-photos-059.jpg notley-wedding-photos-060.jpg notley-wedding-photos-061.jpg notley-wedding-photos-062.jpg notley-wedding-photos-063.jpg notley-wedding-photos-064.jpg notley-wedding-photos-065.jpg notley-wedding-photos-066.jpg notley-wedding-photos-067.jpg notley-wedding-photos-068.jpg notley-wedding-photos-069.jpg notley-wedding-photos-070.jpg notley-wedding-photos-071.jpg notley-wedding-photos-072.jpg notley-wedding-photos-073.jpg notley-wedding-photos-074.jpg notley-wedding-photos-075.jpg notley-wedding-photos-076.jpg notley-wedding-photos-077.jpg notley-wedding-photos-078.jpg notley-wedding-photos-079.jpg notley-wedding-photos-080.jpg notley-wedding-photos-081.jpg notley-wedding-photos-082.jpg notley-wedding-photos-083.jpg Notley Abbey sports car wedding notley-wedding-photos-085.jpg notley-wedding-photos-086.jpg notley-wedding-photos-087.jpg notley-wedding-photos-088.jpg Notley Abbey sports car wedding cheese cake notley-wedding-photos-091.jpg wedding high five notley-wedding-photos-093.jpg wedding first dance Notley first dance Notley Abbey first dance notley abbey party bijou wedding first dance Notley abbey dance floor Notley Abbey wedding photos Notley Abbey Notley Abbey at night notley-wedding-photos-103.jpg



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