OLEM Cambridge wedding photography. The last wedding of the year for me was a flying visit to Cambridge and the glorious church of Our Lady of English Martyrs for Catherine and David’s blessing. When I turned up to the church, my brain kicked into full technical mode. Working out the best way to photograph the church and do justice to it’s splendour as well as work out the best way to cope with the typical cold and grey day outside. Winter weddings are always tricky, even the simplest things at a summer wedding can become significant challenges in the darker months. My head was in full boring techno-mode when David and Catherine turned up. Normally I’m with the bride for the preparations and I get to see the gradual build up to the day.


But when Catherine arrived looking absolutely stunning in her dress, my breath was taken away. No more technical brain! (And just so David doesn’t feel left out, he looked pretty suave as well!) Look with charm and grace t’boot, perfect couple for such a lovely setting. It is part of David’s family tradition to be married at this church and it’s lovely to see this tradition carried on. Father Raf officiated the service, a true gent and refreshing change to have someone point out the best opportunities for photographs rather than give you that disappointed glare and read you the riot act! It all came together for a charming and heartfelt service. We even managed a few group shots outside without feeling the cold! OLEM Cambridge wedding photography.


OLEM Cambridge WeddingOLEM Cambridge Wedding

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