Ramster Hall wedding photography. A kinder, happier couple than Greta and Matt would be hard to find. Fantastic people with great friends and family in the lovely surroundings of Ramster Hall, Surrey for their wedding day. The chemistry between these two was tangible, difficult to pries them apart. Pity it was such a grey day weather wise, the one small blip in the whole event. Ramster Hall is a superb venue, wood panelled walls, wonderfully eccentric history to the house all lit with low warm tungsten lights which makes the weather outside irrelevant.


The wedding ceremony was at The Sacred Heart in Pulborough. Matt was waiting full of confidence and not a sign of nerves at all. A lot of excitement but no nerves at all, a great show of confidence. Greta arrived a little flustered but when she walked down the aisle, you could see any nerves just melt away. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of involvement from friends and family. Then off to Ramster Hall for the party! The day started with a bit of grey weather but we had a few bright patches as the day went on, even some glorious sunshine. By the time the wedding reception was under way, the weather was no longer an issue, it was a big party full of fun and friends!

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  1. Martin David Hambleton says:

    That shot of his back and her arms draped round his neck – just great. Says more than the proverbial thousand words.