Gosfield wedding. Crack open a bottle of celebratory fizz, put on your poshest of frocks and smoothest of dinner jackets and black tie. This is an absolute belter of a wedding and there is a lot of it! Get ready to schmooze with the stars, walk the red carpet and find a bit of extra room in your handbag for that Oscar you’re going to be taking home. This is Sarah and Elliot’s incredible Hollywood film-themed wedding at Gosfield Hall and it was wall to wall glamour.


Sarah and Elliot looked like the chiselled movie stars that were on the film posters around the hall. Elliot looking suave and sophisticated in his black tie. Sarah looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, perfect for her walk up the red carpet to her leading man. But, not ones to let the cheesyness get the better of them, Sarah chose the Jaws theme for her music walking up the aisle. Absolutely perfect and had everyone in stitches!

Glad to see that they had organised some Californian sunshine for the day as well. Good work folks! Not only did it mean they could have an outdoor ceremony but it also meant that the evening could be enjoyed inside with the DJ or outside, relaxing, watching the sun go down. Everything was just brilliant about this day but none more so than the lovely couple themselves. Movie star looks but a couple out to have an absolutely belting time with their friends and family. I can quite happily say that they achieved that, no drama, no performances just hand on heart good times.

Gosfield HallGosfield weddingGosfield wedding dressGosfield wedding

I saw Sarah having a cheeky look through the window before she walked out into the courtyard for the ceremony. Then this was the moment that Elliot realised the music she was walking down the aisle to was the Jaws theme! Brilliant!

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  1. These are fantastic images, Jim! LOVE the confetti shots, and i adore her glam dress! Gorgeous.

    1. James Davidson says:

      Cheers Duncan

    1. James Davidson says:

      Thanks Kerry, really appreciate that!

  2. tatumreid says:

    Beautiful photos and what a fabulous setting!

    1. James Davidson says:

      Fabulous venue and cracking wedding, what more could you ask!

  3. Outstanding set…. I bet they are over the moon. Great attention to detail, beautiful little moments and wonderful use of the available light! Gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely great set Jim – looks like a great fun wedding and loved their Hollywood wedding theme – so glamourous! The shot of the mother of the bride during the speeches is brilliant! Good job.

    1. James Davidson says:

      I love the shot of the mum during the best mens’ speeches / my favourite reaction shot!