Shelley Hall wedding photographer. Now, if Carlsberg did weddings …

You are not likely to meet two kinder, more generous hearted souls than Bells and Henry. They are two perfect pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit so well together, their personalities neatly complimenting each other. Bells is passionate and impulsive whilst Henry is more deliberate and phlegmatic. Their wedding was an incredible testament to their personalities in having so many eclectic and wonderful people around them to share their day. I said to Bells that I would stay with them until there was that traditional lull on the dance floor (usually about after the 4th song when folk realise they are not as young as they once were (or drunk enough yet!) and need to head to the bar before going back onto the floor). And I did stay until that lull happened – it just happened when the DJ called time at midnight. The dance floor was packed the whole night! That summed up the day for me – this felt like the wedding a lot of people had wanted and had waited for and they were going to enjoy every last minute of it.

Wedding photos in shelley Hall

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