The calm after the storm. Getting married in January in the UK, you can pretty much guarantee that the weather isn’t going to be brilliant. You could almost rely on it being pretty rubbish. But you might get one of those unseasonably mild and sunny days but you always look at days like that as a bonus rather anything more reliable. For Marie and Jesse’s South Farm wedding, the day started off well – a few grey clouds that drifted away to leave a crisp, blue sky and not too chilly. Perfect! After a quick chat with the brilliant and incredibly efficient staff at South Farm, we made plans to do the photos outdoors after the ceremony.


Excellent, that’s usually the best option, photographically. It was about half way through the ceremony that the thunder started rumbling in the distance and a few rain drops could be heard on the roof. The registrar gave a reassuring smile and said “if it rains on your wedding day, it’s said that you will have a very luck life together ahead of you”. Well, we managed a quick photo outside before the rain came down. And it came down like I have never seen before, the sky went dark and the rain hit the roof so hard that you could barley hear the conversation inside the barn. If the weather was any judge, Marie and Jesse are in for a lot (A LOT!) of luck in their live together. And to be fair, I couldn’t think of a lovelier couple who deserve a lot of luck and happiness in the years to come.


And, as quickly as the storm came, it disappeared leaving behind a beautiful winter’s sky.

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