The Swan at Lavenham wedding photography

Swan Lavenham wedding photography. Spring has sprung! Well, it did for at least one day last week at Katie and Tim’s wedding at The Swan in Lavenham. We’ll ignore the rubbish weather the day before and the day after but just wallow in the glorious sunshine that we had for this lovely, intimate wedding. It gave us the ideal opportunity to be outdoors in the courtyard for the reception and then enjoy the old world charm of the wiggly wooden beamed rooms for the meal and evening.


Katie and Tim were just brilliant. They were both so excited for their day ahead, nerves and excitement were bubbling around. Katie was happy being nervous (little glass of champers to take the edge off, don’t mind if I do …) whilst Tim was deflecting the nerves by doing the groom-thing of lots of organising and last minute preparations. Both didn’t stop beaming with smiles all day long, such a great thing to see. A real privilege to be a part of such a special day.

Swan Lavenham wedding photography


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