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I love moments. Weddings are all about a few big moments tied together throughout the day by lots and lots of little moments. The big moments we expect and pile in to photograph: the first kiss; the signing of the register; throwing confetti; the cake cut; the first dance. These are the “hero” moments, the ones we associate with a wedding day.


But it’s those little moments that really mean so much to me. They are almost the moments in between the moments. Here’s a couple of examples that I think show what I mean.


Ellie and Lee’s wedding was perfect for things like this as they had such brilliant chemistry together. They had been together for a long time, they are part of each others families long before they made it formal. The wedding ceremony was emotional, intense with everyone completely invested in it but also very funny as they both fluffed their lines. The first kiss was superb, a brilliant release that had everyone on their feet. But it was staying with that, not taking your eye away from them that got this first photograph, the little moment that says it all to me. A gentle and tender hug between the two of them, just for them, not for anyone else. Perfect.

Wedding moments

South Farm Wedding

Another moment, amongst many,many during the day, was the first line to the father of the bride’s speech. It was a killer line (I won’t repeat it here) but there’s no need to it – the reactions say it all!

father of the bride wedding speech