Winter wedding at South Farm | Ellen & Rich

Winter wedding photos South Farm. It was a typical November day for Ellen and Rich’s winter wedding at South Farm weather-wise. We had the full compliment of late autumn weather thrown at us but thankfully nothing to interrupt the running of the day (well, except the it started to drizzle just as we were doing a confetti shot which made the guests move fast into the reception. It could have been the rain or it could have been the promise of champagne and canapés that sped them up, I’m not totally sure…)


One of the great advantages of South Farm is the relaxed atmosphere they create whilst everything is done so efficiently in the background which means that the weather is not much of a challenge for the day. Of course, we’d all love hot, sunny days to enjoy the gardens in but in November, well, you pretty much expect to be indoors for the whole day. Having any time outside is a real bonus.


And Ellen was prepared to be outside. Wellies on and a big umbrella, nothing was stopping her getting some photos outdoors! I’d spent some time with them both during our engagement shoot earlier in the year so they were used to the idea of being in front of the camera but I didn’t really need to guide these two at all, I don’t think they took their eyes off each other all day and fit together so well. Give me a happy, smiley couple and the weather and location become irrelevant, it’s all about the two of them, nothing else.


Having said that, the evening was spectacular with the opportunity for their band, The New York Brass Band, to play their first dance outside in the courtyard whilst they lit sparklers. That was a pretty special moment and a first for me. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs!


Winter wedding photos South Farm



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