Another sweltering hot day for Jo and Daniel’s wedding photography at Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey. There were a few emotional moments during the day: when Daniel had to hand the keys of his car over to the best man; when the guests turned up to the reception and saw a swimming pool but realised they hadn’t brought their Speedos; when Dan the video man got behind the wheel of a golf cart and realised he had reign of the whole golf course; and when I turned up to Jo’s house in the morning she burst into tears. Thankfully the day got better from there. Jo, like most brides, was anxious how she would look but she really had nothing to worry about, she was stunning. The colours for the day were bold and beautiful. Wentworth Golf Club wedding photography.

The day was expertly filmed by Dan, Dan the video man, him of From the Hip productions.

Here are a few of my favourite images.

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