Yarlington House wedding photography of Liz & Tom

Finally! After a long spell of fairly miserable, grey and often wet weather, the shone. And one of the most beautiful places for the sun to shine is in the West Country, something particularly magically about the quality of light there. Yarlington House wedding photography is a joy when the sunshines, the gardens are picture-perfect, the champagne on the lawn always brings out the biggest smiles in the guests and there is a definite feel of the first day of the summer holidays about it all! Liz and Tom had made the day their own by putting up a tentipi in the field next to the reception at Yarlinigton House, brilliantly decorated with some superb little touches.


Yarlington House wedding photography


The two little bridesmaids almost stole the show but they had their work cut out as Liz looked absolutely stunning. Tom looked a little confused but then he had booked his honeymoon away whilst Chelsea FC were due to play in the Champions League Final (thankfully they won …or else that could have been an awkward few days away!)


Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.


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