Hengrave Hall autumn wedding photos of Emma & Ian

Hengrave Hall autumn wedding. Just catching up with some blog posts from over the last year and posting a Hengrave Hall autumn wedding. Putting this blog post up about a season of hazy mist and chill air on today (early July), which is probably one of the hottest days of the year so far! Although today we are all sweltering in a mini-heat wave, looking at this wedding again takes me right back to that late autumn day with the drizzle dripping off the bare branches, the horizon barely visible in the grey mist, smell of burning bonfires and the temperature cold enough to make you want to pull your coat a little tighter around you but not so cold as to send you indoors. Thinking about it, a little blast of that cool air wouldn’t go a-miss today!

Hengrave Hall autumn wedding

Emma and Ian made really made the most of the time of year. Hengrave Hall is an impressive wedding venue but they made it intimate and ideal for a family day; it was warm and welcoming and full with so many little details that showed off their personality. It was also a very elegant affair – I’m not including the Super Hero socks the boys were wearing in that description, they had a different ‘elegance’ all of their own! Emma’s father managed an impressive Power point speech although I don’t think Emma saw too much of it as she was hiding under the table through most of it. The evening was rounded off with a superb sparkler and firework display, leaving everyone with a proper autumnal feel!

Misty autumn wedding day

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