Olde Bell Hurley wedding of Sophie & Chris

Olde Bell Hurley wedding. Sophie and Chris’s wedding was always going to be pretty special. The Olde Bell Hurley is an incredible venue, one of the oldest inns in the world. Steeped in history and romance, you are surrounded by oak beams and the comforting smell of open log fires. It is a higgledy-de-piggledy set of truly ancient buildings surrounded by a quintessentially English village. It was a short walk from the bar where Chris was meeting up with family and friends (and having a nerve-settling drink!) before walking down to the village church to get ready for the ceremony.

The first thing you notice about Sophie is her eyes; full of energy, electric almost, and her unbounding enthusiasm that go with them. She has a graceful and natural beauty that she carries effortlessly. She looked stunning throughout the day, from when I first walked into the bridal preparations to the party late into the evening. She had put a huge amount of effort into so much of the day bringing a bit of Soho chic and rustic charm together. Delicate, vintage style details throughout the day with the most amazing selection of flowers throughout.

The short walk back from the church was through the village of Hurley which was getting ready for it’s village fete. Perfect combination of bunting and wedding celebrations! Greeting us at The Malt House was a nod to Chris’s Kiwi heritage with hakas from some Maori dancers. Incredibly powerful stuff, daunting and majestic at the same time. You could see what an emotional impact it had on Chris and Sophie.

The wedding breakfast was held in an open marquee on the lawns, ideal to watch the early summer’s night draw in. We were blessed with a warm evening which meant we could make the most of being outside for so much of the wedding. The party headed indoors for an absolutely belting night of dancing and celebrating – the London party scene lit up this quiet little village!

Olde Bell Hurley wedding

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