Great to be back at Priory Hall, Hadleigh. The last time I was here was for the wedding of Sophie and James and this time it was to photograph Sophie and James’s little boy, George. How cool is that! So lovely to see families growing and a real privilege to photograph it all as well. George was a real little superstar, cool as a cucumber and quite a suave fella for a toddler (he must get that from his Mum …). It was great to have the gardens at Priory Hall all to ourselves and a bit of a trip down memory lane for Sophie and James. It gave us plenty of opportunity to use all the different corners of their well worked and looked after estate.

Everyone says it must be difficult photographing kids but in reality I have the easy part of the process – big thanks must to go the parents (usually the Mums) who stand behind me doing star jumps and jumping-jacks, pulling funny faces and waving an assortment of noisy and bright coloured toys. That’s not something they mention in the mother-to-be brochures. Then again, I wonder how Sophie would have reacted if I had mentioned to her as she stood in the gardens of Priory Hall on her wedding day, elegant in her amazing wedding dress, that in a couple of years time, she’d be jumping up and down trying to make her little boy smile. As you’ll see, she did a fantastic job and managed to make it all look so effortless when she’s in the photos herself. Mums …they really don’t get enough credit!


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