Hampshire wedding photography of Niki & Pete

The photographs are brilliant – way beyond my expectations, which were already high. You’ve managed to capture so many moments which bring a wonderful day back to life, so my wife and I are delighted. You’ve documented every aspect of the wedding superbly well, with an excellent mix of formal and informal photographs and with lots of photos of all the family members. As a keen amateur photographer who could never pluck up the courage to photograph weddings I know how hard it is to do what you’ve done here, so thank you. We’re most grateful.

Hampshire wedding photography. We managed to squeak a few more hours of warmth and sunshine out of this summer for Nikki & Pete’s wedding. As ever, we had a curious morning of watching the skies as it threatened rain. Drizzled a little bit. Cleared up, then drizzled a bit more. Before eventually deciding that it would be much nicer to just have blue skies and lots of sunshine. The weather, as ever, just letting us know that it has the final say in any wedding plans! The wedding ceremony was held at St Mary’s Church, Easton where everyone there was wonderfully welcoming. All were keen to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy and take part in the marriage. It’s rare for churches to be this open but when they are, it works brilliantly. 

Hampshire wedding photography


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