Summer Wedding at Hengrave Hall

Scottish wedding with Polish traditions

Hengrave Hall wedding photos

Summer wedding Hengrave Hall. Ahh, the heady, carefree days of weddings before the global pandemic hit. Here is a blog post for a wedding to take us away from all that. And what a wedding as well! One of the year’s absolute belters; so much love, so much laughter. A great remedy to cheer us all up and get us back on track. Mika & Doug are two of the most fun and funny people I have had the pleasure of working with. Things were as lively at the beginning of the day as they were at the end, always a good sign of a great day.

Elegant wedding photography

Hengrave Hall is a stunning and elegant backdrop for any wedding, perfect for this stylish couple. So much hard work had been put into every detail of the day to make it not only a fantastic day for everyone but an elegant one as well. Incredible flower displays from Georgina Chapman throughout the hall and chapel. The boys were in kilts for the day as part of Doug’s family heritage. Part of that heritage was also the quiet, dry humour he has which brought out the best in those around him. Mika’s heritage is a little more complicated with elements of Hawaii, USA, Canada and Polish family all in the mix; all elements which came out at some point during the day. The most endearing part of Mika’s heritage is the wrap around joyous love her family show. It was infectious.

Hengrave Hall summer wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony itself was held in the wood panelled Banqueting Hall. This was supposed to be the emotional part of the day – now, I’m not saying it wasn’t emotional (because it was, very!) But the second half of the ceremony was a blessing in the chapel. This provided its own set of emotions as Mika’s Polish grandma gave a blessing. Both wonderful ceremonies in their own right. After the chapel, it was running the gauntlet of confetti and leading the guests out on the main terrace. Perfect weather for drinks on the lawns, photos by the fountain and a walk around the grounds for a few quiet portraits. Into the Long Gallery for the evening meal and some of the best speeches you are likely to hear, funny and truly heartfelt.

Polish wedding traditions