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Warren House wedding photographer. This was a very special day. Jane and Elliot’s wedding day at Warren House was all about family. About their kids, about their parents and extended family. And how that every guest there was pretty much part of their extended family. Although the day was incredibly well organised and put together, it had a very laid back feel to it.

Warren House wedding

It was a first for me where I’m not sure if Jane and Elliot felt more stitched up by the father of the bride’s speech or by the poem their daughter read during the ceremony! Testament to what a great couple these two make, what fantastic influences they have on their lives and by default what an influence they have on the next generation. And it’s all good.

London wedding photography

Crisp, clear day for the wedding. Jane got ready in the hotel itself. Not a quiet, relaxed morning but as any mother will know, a morning of fitting in some preparations in around looking after the chaos of the kids. Happy chaos, full of fun. Elliot arrived suited and booted and not a little nervous. Greeting guests and waiting for the girls to arrive. You could see the nerves disappear in seconds as Jane walked down the aisle.

Nerves gone as soon as they both walked out of the ceremony room and outdoors into the sunshine to enjoy the party. With the great weather, we could make the most of the gardens before heading into the hotel for the wedding breakfast. And those speeches. There was no mercy, everyone got a gentle (and not so gentle) dig. The great thing about a wedding this time of year is that as it stays light late, you can have a mini-reception after the meal before heading onto the dance floor. It felt like everyone was fully recharged by this as the dancing was full on! Warren House wedding photographer.


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