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Hurlingham wedding photographer. Sarah and Alex’s wedding day started for me with the boys at The Pigs Ear pub for their ushers lunch. Not only a fantastic pub for a bite to eat (top tip) but very handy for Chelsea Old Church for the wedding ceremony. Everyone was in good spirits for the day and no nerves from Alex; cool, calm and quietly confident. Guinness and Bloody Mary’s were the order of the day and hearty pub grub to fuel this slightly chilly October day.

Chelsea Old Church wedding

Chelsea Old Church is an historic church, having had a church on that site since Christianity first came to London. It has many incarnations and it’s most recent being built in the 1950s after it and many buildings around it were bombed out during the second world war. It has been a significant feature of many Londoner’s lives and now it was to be a significant part of Sarah & Alex’s life. Beautiful surroundings for an incredibly emotional day.

Hurlingham wedding photos

Waiting outside the church was a proper red double decker bus to take the guests to the Hurlingham Club. I hopped in the car with Sarah and Alex (which is a rare treat for me) and we sped off to the side entrance of the club so we could walk through the grounds to get some photos of just the two of them. Then it was into the club itself for a grand drinks reception before heading in for the wedding breakfast.

Now, I must admit when I first met Alex, he was nothing but the proper gent. Warm, welcoming but very much interested in the day ahead and not much else. Polite and charming but almost a little shy. Sarah was beyond excited and full of excitement. This is not unusual for me – it usually translates into a groom desperately not wanting to be photographed whilst being nudged on by his new wife. Which there was a little of today. But I was completely blown away by the depth and intensity of Alex’s speech, a wedding speech to all who were there but really only aimed solely at his wife. Incredible stuff.


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