Merchant Taylors Hall winter wedding

Merchant Taylors Hall winter wedding. I’m know I’m not really supposed too. I know that I should be professional at all times, reserved even. But I couldn’t help chuckling all the way through Caroline and David’s wedding. They are both kind and generous souls with a quiet and confident sense of humour – something you see in people who have a lovely connection with each other. Their wedding was immaculately planned and well-thought through. Merchant Taylors Hall is an impressive and beautiful venue, full of impressive old world elegance, an incredible backdrop anytime of year. Grand but understated, easy to feel slightly in awe of your surroundings. But their welcome was homely and easy going and all the little touches that had been put together made everyone feel part of the family – and made me chuckle quietly to myself!

Merchant Taylors Hall wedding photographer

The plan for the day was based around the fact that it was winter (no denying that, it was early December after all); that it gets dark early (you’ll be surprised how many couples don’t factor that in for a winter wedding); and that it may be rubbish weather. With all that in mind, the ceremony was left till later in the day after which the guests enjoyed a champagne and mulled wine reception whilst we walked down to The Royal Exchange for a few photos on those iconic steps. After the meal, it was out onto the courtyard for the first dance and some sparklers and then a laid back and social evening of quiet chat in the Parlour or a civilised whiskey and cigar in the Library. Perfect!

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.

Merchant Taylors wedding


merchant-taylors-hall-002.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-003.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-004.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-005.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-006.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-007.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-008.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-009.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-010.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-011.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-012.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-013.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-014.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-015.jpg Merchant Taylors Hall Merchant Taylors Hall wedding Merchant Taylors Hall merchant-taylors-hall-019.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-020.jpg Merchant Taylors Hall civil ceremony merchant-taylors-hall-022.jpg wedding table flowers merchant-taylors-hall-024.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-025.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-026.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-027.jpg bride arriving at Merchant Taylors Hall merchant-taylors-hall-029.jpg Merchant Taylors Hall winter wedding Merchant Taylors Hall staircase merchant-taylors-hall-032.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-033.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-034.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-035.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-036.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-037.jpg Merchant Taylors Hall winter wedding merchant-taylors-hall-039.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-040.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-041.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-042.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-043.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-044.jpg merchant taylors hall winter wedding merchant-taylors-hall-046.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-047.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-048.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-049.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-050.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-051.jpg Merchant Taylors Hall wedding photography merchant-taylors-hall-053.jpg royal exchange london royal exchange london wedding merchant-taylors-hall-056.jpg Merchant Taylors Hall wedding photography merchant-taylors-hall-058.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-059.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-060.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-061.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-062.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-063.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-064.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-065.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-066.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-067.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-068.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-069.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-070.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-071.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-072.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-073.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-074.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-075.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-076.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-077.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-078.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-079.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-080.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-081.jpg Merchant Taylors Hall winter wedding merchant-taylors-hall-083.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-084.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-085.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-086.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-087.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-088.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-089.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-090.jpg merchant-taylors-hall-091.jpg

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