Confetti line at a Suffolk wedding

Confetti line. I’m a sucker for a good bit of confetti at a wedding. Along with a blushing bride and an good roasting of the groom during the best man’s speech, it’s one of the things we all think about when we talk about weddings. Sometimes the confetti is just a quiet moment when a kindly auntie sneaks up on the happy couple and surprises them as they walk out the church. Other times it’s a bit more like Sophie and Wig’s wedding where they walked down the church path through an arcade of family and guests into a storm of confetti. As they set off I could see that they both had brave aspirations of looking forward and keeping a graceful demeanour.

wedding confetti

Two paces in and that plan went out the window! What I love about moments like this is the joy and excitement on everyone’s faces, such a wonderful thing to see as a couple after the the nerves before the ceremony. Sophie and Wig’s definitely are there for the award for smiliest couple, no stop through out the day. The only moment I think I saw them without an ear to ear smile was at the end of the line of confetti where their expressions were just “…what the hell just happened there!” Glorious! The joys of being a Suffolk wedding photographer!


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