“We are blown away by your work and literally spent all of last night enjoying looking through them all and remembering how lovely the day was. “

Prestwold Hall wedding. This is a big blog post. Huge even. And, as much as I would like to apologise for those having to wait as the page takes it’s time to load, it’s all worth it. What an incredible day and what an incredible couple. So much individual care and attention had gone into organising the wedding and creating all the details for the day; work that both Steve and Jennifer had done themselves.


I was incredibly touched by the fact that Steve had not only hand made all the invites for the guests but had specifically made one for Jennifer – all too often we get so carried away in organising the day around everything else we forget about little things like that. One of many beautiful little parts of the day the that came together to make for a fantastic wedding.


Add in a stunning backdrop of Prestwold Hall (a venue I can’t recommend highly enough for the care and attention they give to every one there) and some summery sunshine and you have a the makings of a pretty perfect day. Jennifer looked, quite simply, incredible. Even through the early nerves of the day, she looked elegant and beautiful. Steve went through the early nerves as well but kept his cool (although the best men’s speeches tested this a little bit!)


The marriage itself was in the Church of St Andrew, a few short yards away from the main house. The church is impressive in it’s size and history but also for the intimacy and care the vicar took during the ceremony. Special mention has to go to the vicar who guided the ceremony with grace and good-humour, making the ceremony very much about the couple and no one else. The day was peppered with so many great moments, from the star to the end and I hope I’ve managed to capture enough to give you a flavour of the day. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

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