South Farm wedding photos

South Farm wedding photos. Aaah, spring! It feels like it’s finally sprung. The spring bulbs at South Farm looked confident enough to keep their heads above ground and make the most of the first bit of warm sunshine. A long week of checking the weather forecast watching it swing from cold and wet to warm and sunny, changing almost every hour. But thankfully landing on a perfect weather for a spring wedding.


South Farm always seems to have the loveliest of couples and Ellie and Lee were no exception. A seriously impressive beard (Lee, not Ellie) and stunning looks, these two are brilliantly matched for each other. It was a real joy to be a part of their day. Here’s a couple of images from yesterday’s wedding, two images of many more that just make me smile!

Lee and his ushers looked incredibly dapper in their made-to-measure tweed suits. Their ties were all different but this didn’t mean that they had missed any details, their ties matched their shoelaces. Now that is attention to detail! Lee has a keen eye for birds – ornithology – so it was no surprise to see a bird theme running through the day.

Ellie looked simply stunning. Lace wedding and wildflower bouquet complimented her looks perfectly. Beautiful and elegant as well as relaxed and informal. These two made a stussing couple.

Looking forward to posting the full wedding soon but for now, here are a couple of my favourite photos from the day.

South Farm wedding photoswedding photos at South Farm

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