Syon Park wedding photography

… bloody lovely and bloody brilliant. A joy to work with and a wonderful photographer …

Wedding at Syon House

Syon Park wedding photography. Heading into autumn with Lizzie and Tom’s fantastic wedding and reception at Syon Park. It’s an incredible venue, every element steeped in grandeur and elegance; classically designed and rich in history. The wedding ceremony itself was held in the Great Hall and it’s a hall that truly earns its name. Liz at Blue Sky Flowers excelled herself decorating this room and making the flowers equal to the setting. (She did and incredible job with the flowers throughout the day.) The dry weather meant that the reception could be held outside in the inner courtyard and then, later, outside on the lawns by the Great Conservatory really making the most of every part of a Syon Park wedding.

London wedding photography

Every time I photograph here, I am always amazed how secluded and almost rural it feels yet we are on the fringes of Central London. It was only a short drive from Chelsea, where the girls were getting ready, to Syon House. The girls were relaxed and enjoying the preparations making the most of the morning. Tom and the boys looked a little more edgy, maybe even a little nervous. At first I thought that Tom had the usual pre-wedding nerves but Lizzie and Tom are childhood sweethearts and couldn’t be a better fit for each other – any nerves that Tom was showing was more to do with his impending best man’s speech than anything else.

Syon Park wedding photos

Autumn wedding photos

Lizzie and Tom were looking for a day with minimal fuss and effort and giving them the most time to enjoy the wedding. Apart from a few grabbed photos of the two of them here and there, my roll was very hands off. The whole day was expertly managed by the lovely (and blummin’ hard working) Louise and Natalie from Louise Perry Weddings.

When a couple as lovely as Lizzie and Tom have such amazing chemistry and want to indulge themselves in a day of friends, family fine food and an evening of fun and dancing, you pretty much have the recipe for a perfect wedding day! Lizzie & Tom’s Syon Park wedding photography.


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