Suffolk farm wedding photography

Perfect summer's day

Suffolk farm wedding photography. Can I have a favourite wedding, is that politic? Okay, if you’re a previous bride that I’ve photographed, secretly your wedding was my favourite wedding. But Ginny and Josh’s wedding pretty much ticked every box for me in so many ways. The obvious elements would have to be such a lovely, kind and stunning couple, all the hard work they put in to make the wedding look so good, the brilliant energy all the family guests brought to the day and the amazing weather we were blessed with. In reality, for me, it was all the little bits in between that made the day truly special, the bits that you can’t plan for, the bits that only come from truly genuine souls.

Suffolk farm wedding

I knew it was going to be a good day when I met up with Ginny and Josh at the house for a reccie before the church rehearsal. Ginny’s mum sat me down with a cuppa and a biscuit and gave me the quiet interview, kind but no nonsense, to make sure that I knew to do my absolute best for her daughter. Of course I would but there was a gentle but stern smile that underlined the importance of this. Then off the church for the rehearsal and for the all the preparations to come together, for it all to start to feel very real!

Suffolk wedding day

We were blessed with perfect wedding weather on the day. This meant the marquee could have all it’s sides down and make the most of the stunning Suffolk countryside at this time of the year. The girls got ready in the house with plenty of laughter and champagne with a few tears from a very well chosen present from Josh. The boys had their ushers lunch at The Marquis where Josh was left equally speechless by Ginny’s well chosen gift – these two know each other so well! Then it was all back to the house for a lovely touch by Ginny where she had planned a first look with just her and Josh at the spot where he proposed. Then a few formal family photos to get those out of the way before the ceremony so as not to take up time during the reception. As well as a few photos with the horses as they may not be so well behaved during the reception.

Suffolk church ceremony

Onto the church for the ceremony which was emotional as it was elegant. Nerves were showing on the way in but certainly not on the way out. What a celebration. None more so than when Ginny got behind the wheel of the MG to head back to the house for the wedding reception. Quintessential summer’s afternoon on the lawn with friends and family, truly special moments, rounded off with a ceremonial sword cake cut before heading into the marquee. I love a good speech and these were simply superb but with such a brilliant couple, it was only to be expected.

Evening wedding reception

Having the sides down on the marquee meant you could watch the day change from bright light to golden hour as the guests ate their meal. Around dusk gave us the perfect opportunity to spend a little time to go back to the field where they had their first look and shoot some portraits as the sun was setting. Chilled ten minutes away to let it all settle in. Then back to the marquee for the evening entertainment to kick off. What a party it was. These guys were not shy. Some superb moves on the floor perhaps helped a little by the champagne earlier. Who knows, it was impressive stuff! Suffolk farm wedding photography.