Essex Wedding Photography

Gosfield Hall spring wedding of Meera & Tim

Gorgeous, sunny day for the Gosfield Hall spring wedding of Meera and Tim. We started the day with preparations at Gosfield Hall before heading over to the round church at Little Mapplestead for the ceremony. This wedding was slightly unusual in that it was Meera and Tim’s second wedding having had the Indian version the week before. This was very much the English version with the marriage at a quaint English church and reception at a historic country house. I’m not sure what the wedding was like the week before but I […]

Gosfield Hall winter wedding photos of Cheryl and Steve

A pretty chilly but sunny day for Cheryl and Steve’s Gosfield Hall winter wedding photos. This being a February wedding, the weather was always going to be chilly and plans for majority of the photography were to be indoors. The added bonus of a bit of sunshine meant we could get outside and make the most of the glorious grounds of Gosfield Hall. Never a shortage of opportunities to photograph indoors on days where the weather is bit rubbish but great to be outdoors at such a lovely venue. And Cheryl and Steve were keen to make the most of every photo opportunity that was to be had! Although they were keen to make the most of photographs of the two of them, the day was very much about family and friends. Steve’s family had travelled dwon from Yorkshire for the wedding and were happy to oblige with some gifts from ‘oop North’ (apologies for that) for Cheryl – a flat cap and whippet! […]

Gosfield Hall winter wedding photography of Natalie and James

Natalie and James are based in Los Angeles so when they spoke to me about getting married in the UK in late December, she hoped hoped for a misty grey day, full of wistful romance, perhaps a sprinkling of snow, a typically British winter’s wedding. They get more than their fair share of sunshine in LA and they were happy with something from the other end of the weather spectrum. I’m sure the British weather would be happy to oblige, after the year of rubbish weather we’ve had and it being the UK, I could pretty much guarantee what they were looking for. All my plans for the day were for a wet weather, perhaps with a slim chance of getting outside for a little bit. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve yet to shoot a winter wedding at Gosfield Hall where the sun hasn’t shone and this wedding was no exception. Gloriously bright sunshine! Natalie’s wonderfully golden and sunny personality is infectious, no one who meets her can help but be touched by it, and so too, it seems the weather. Natalie was simply stunning, through and through. I knew from the relaxed and fun atmosphere that greeted me in the bridal suite at the start of the day that this wedding was going to be pretty special (although I did have to do a double take when I got to the boys room, what with all the hair care product and straightening irons, that I was in the bridal suite …!) Here are some of my favourite images from the Gosfield Hall winter wedding photography of Natalie and James. And, if they bring the sunshine with them every time they come back to visit, I for one would be very grateful! […]

Essex engagement photography | Cheryl & Steve

Essex engagement photography. The last rays of late afternoon autumn sunshine and a glorious golden leafed wood were the backdrop for Cheryl and Steve’s engagement shoot. As ever, engagement shoots are there to get some relaxed portraits before the wedding but the sessions are also useful to get a feel for being in front of the camera. The beauty of an engagement shoot is the opportunity to take it easy, to achieve something in an hour or so that would I would probably have 10 minutes or so on the wedding day to get. The woods where we went are significant for Cheryl and Steve and always nice to be able to tie in something important like this into an engagement shoot. Like most grooms, Steve was a little wary of being in front of the camera but hopefully this settled any anxieties he had before being under the spotlight on their wedding day at Gosfield Hall. […]

Gosfield Hall wedding of Sharyn and Mark

What a fantastic day the Gosfield Hall wedding of Sharyn and Mark was – I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a wedding for a very long time. In a good way, that is! The whole day was incredibly relaxed: lovely summer’s sunshine, superbly well organised wedding and just lots of fun. Sharyn was determined not to be the centre of attention, which was okay as I think a couple of her younger bridesmaids were happy to take on that role. I’ll say nothing more than that. Good to see a piper greeting the guests as they arrived before the wedding ceremony in what has to the longest room to walk down as a bride – very impressive but I’m sure it’s nerve racking! If it was, no nerves showed for Sharyn and Mark, they both loved the day, start to finish. Well, there was a moment during the best man’s speech where I think Mark’s credibility wavered a little when the best man unveiled (in spectacular fashion) Mark’s white suit from his nights out as a younger man. No doubt it was something that first attracted Sharyn to him and proof of her superb sense of humour! Here are a few of my favourite images from the day. […]

Essex wedding photography of Vicky & Rassie

It was a nervous time leading up to this wedding. They announced a hose-pipe ban the day before which can pretty guarantee that the heavens will open and we’ll get heavy rain for a month. A promising start with glorious sunshine put everyone in a great mood. And who couldn’t be at Vicky and Rassie’s wedding, what an amazing couple, what amazing families. That, for me, is what makes a wedding. The fact that they both looked stunning and they had put so much work into every detail of the day was really just a bonus. I was particularly impressed by the ten bridesmaids all in matching Audrey Hepburn / Breakfast at Tiffiny’s elegance, only outshone in cuteness by the smiliest page boy. Glamour and elegance were definitely order of the day but really shone through was the strong sense of family and friends. A big thank you to a lovely couple who have a long and happy life ahead.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day and you can see the full gallery by clicking this link | Essex wedding photography


Frinton-on-Sea wedding photography | Just One

First wedding of the Easter weekend was in Frinton-on-Sea with Vicky and Rassie. Glorious start to the day with clear blue skies as far as the eye could see – and, being on the coast, you could see a long way. That was to change as the day went on with this particularly bonkers weather we are having at the moment. And so, it’s a very big thank you to Vicky and Rassie for letting me drag them out into the drizzle not once but twice to get this shot of the two of them […]

Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photo of Liz and Mark

Two nicer people you could not hope to meet. Liz and Mark made their mark on their Smeetham Hall Barn wedding, putting a huge amount of effort into planning and into every detail. The barn looked stunning with a vintage wedding feel. The weather kept us on our toes a little during the day, a few anxious looks out of the window during the morning, a few drops of rain as Liz turned up to the church but then glorious sunshine for the afternoon, perfect! The sunshine giving the day that golden autumnal feel. I was impressed when I spoke to Liz and Mark the day before the wedding that the timings and logistics of the day didn’t stop when the music stopped – that there was a 4.30am wake up call for the Wales vs Samoa game in the rugby world cup. Let’s hope for Mark’s marriage that he didn’t invite the lads round to watch the game.

Here are few of my favourite images from the day – very many congratulations to Liz & Mark. […]