Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography. As a documentary photographer, one of the things that you are taught in documentary wedding photography or story-telling situations is for the subjects to be ‘camera aware’. As soon as people are conscious that their photograph is being taken, it tends to change the dynamics of the situation, usually for the worse. Most people hide or turn away, a few might play up for the camera. Anyone with young children will know what a struggle it is to get photos as all they want to do is give you the thumbs up for the camera with big goofy grins. So it’s pretty important that if you are going to get an honest series of images from a wedding day, that there are parts of the day you dont really want anyway overly conscious of you taking photos. But every now and then, you get someone who is camera aware and plays up for the camera perfectly, giving you just the right reaction. I love these two shots of Matt’s father from Greta and Matt’s Ramster Hall wedding, the reactions just make me laugh out loud!


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