Kent wedding photographer

Kent wedding photographer.  When I looked out of the window on the morning, the weather forecast for Holly and Ross’s wedding did not look good, not good at all. It looked like someone had just drawn a swimming pool over the map of Kent, it was going to rain and there was no escaping it. The morning was grim and I had even packed my wellies just in case. I had debated whether waterproofs were going to be enough or whether I should actually just go and get myself laminated. But we had a little Kent miracle and as the ceremony started, so too did the dry weather even with the occasional glimpse of the sun – now I hadn’t planned for that first thing that morning! The dry weather gave us the opportunity to head up to a country lane behind their house for this stunning shot. Plenty more images to follow from Holly and Ross’s Tentipi wedding.


Kent wedding photographer


Tentipi wedding photographykent wedding photographer

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