Gosfield Essex wedding venue

Gosfield Hall wedding venue, Essex. Ruth and Russell’s wedding at Gosfield Hall was immaculately planned. So much so that even the autumn weather gave us a lovely sunny day. I get the feeling that ‘good weather’ was set into Ruth’s spreadsheet and no one dared disagree! For all the precision and detail that Ruth worked hard to put into the day, Russell’s infectious energy and great sense of humour ticked away quietly in the background. They are a perfect match for each other and I don’t think either of them stopped smiling all day.


Gosfield Hall wedding venue photos of Ruth & Russell. Ruth and Russell were simply a brilliant couple to work with at their Gosfield wedding. Both full of fun and energy. Both quietly organised and driven. And both determined to have the best day of their lives! It was an autumn wedding and the day started with blue skies and lovely golden sunshine. Gosfield Hall always looks spectacular in the sunshine. The bridal suite is one of the grandest you will see at a wedding venue and glows golden in the sunshine. It’s a stunning space to get ready in. It’s also large enough for an impromptu pre-wedding drinks with all the ladies in the family.

“We love what you have taken, you really captured our day perfectly.”

Gosfield Hall wedding venue


The boys were all suited and booted and Russell was greeting the guests. Normally grooms look a little nervous, even if they are pretending not to be. But Russell was full of confidence and ready for the day ahead. No nerves at all, just pure excitement. Any nerves he might have shown at the top of the aisle in the Queens Gallery were purely down to excitement. They both giggled and laughed through the ceremony, thoroughly enjoying it all.

We made the most of the good weather and managed to spend time outside. Not for too long though, the autumn chill started to kick in as the afternoon drew on to early evening. The reception was held mainly in the warm, wood panelled library cosy and welcoming. Then it was up to the ballroom for the meal and speeches. Such an impressive room, full of royal grandeur and history. But not enough to stop Russell’s best man giving him a good grilling during the speeches.


After the formalities of the wedding, it was downstairs to the bar for the party. Russell claimed not to be that keen on the dancing bit but like most of this couple’s energy, he was being very modest. He owned that dance floor! Big party with big celebrations for a fantastic day. Gosfield Hall wedding venue.

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