Emily & Dil’s Mini covid wedding

Thank you for being a part of it and for capturing some beautiful moments. The photos are wonderful!

Mini wedding in Covid times

Mini ovid wedding during a pandemic. I feel there’s going to be a lot of blog posts starting with a phrase similar to “it’s been an unusual year, certainly not what had been planned”. Emily and Dil’s wedding was no exception. Both working in the NHS, the year of the pandemic has been pretty intense to say the least. The original wedding plans were a lot bigger, certainly with a lot more guests. But with the Covid restrictions at the time, the guest list was limited to 30 along with a lot of other rules and advice from the government. This wasn’t going to dampen the day in any way, these two were going to have the most incredible day, even if it was just the two of them!

Covid restrictions at a wedding

I first saw Emily & Dil at Dil’s sister’s wedding at Chateau Rigaud in France a few years ago. As a documentary wedding photographer, you are constantly looking for the image as well as the story to the image. When I first saw them together in the front row of the church giggling and smiling, I could only think that it wouldn’t be long before they were next! I took their child-like excitement for life and each other as the sign of the early stages of their relationship. It wasn’t really, that’s just how they are. More so the older they’ve got. I can see them many years into their lives together with a huge brood of grandchildren with that same giggle and look. It’s life affirming and so endearing.

Birmingham wedding venue

The wedding was held at Horton Grange, part of The University of Birmingham. This part of the world, well, this part of Birmingham is very important to Dil; he grew up here, went to school and university here and now works here. It only seemed fitting to celebrate one of the most important days of his life here. The day started with Dil at home (just around the corner, naturally) then on to Horton Grange to see Emily. Preparations for both were excited but relaxed. Well, it felt that way but I’m sure they may say different!

Covid restrictions meant that most of the day had a slight smell of hand sanitiser and muffled conversations through face masks. The ceremony was held to strict guide lines which meant that Emily’s dad couldn’t walk her down the aisle. It meant that face masks had to be worn by everyone and the only time Emily and Dil could take them off was for the vows and first kiss. As the reception and meal was held outside under gazebos, it did mean that rules were relaxed a little. There’s always a slight edge of anxiety when you have to plan something that you probably wouldn’t necessarily do in more normal times. But having the majority of the day outdoors, even in March in the UK, worked really well. Something that I’d highly recommend for the future!

Planning a pandemic wedding

Nothing was going to take the edge off this day. Not even the short spell of rain in the afternoon. These two had more than earned their time to celebrate and I couldn’t think of two lovelier people to celebrate with. Their chemistry is magic and infectious. They were beaming all day, such a privilege to be able to be a part of it. Mini Covid wedding.


covid mini wedding

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