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Norfolk wedding photographer. If you want to gauge just how stunning Isabella looked in her wedding dress, well, you don’t have to go much further than the reaction from her bridesmaids seeing her for the first time. She looked incredibly stylish and effortlessly elegant. Perfect reaction from the girls but you couldn’t really expect much else when you saw Isabella in her dress for the first time.

If only they could have seen Isabella later in the day in her wedding dress. On the sea edge with a large fishing rod in her hand, expertly casting out as the sea smashed against the rocks. This photo did make laugh out loud when they asked for it to be taken. I love days like this and couples who are up for anything.

Norfolk wedding photographer

Norfolk wedding photographer


Isabella and Ben were married in the church just outside of Overstrand. Their wedding reception was in The Sea Marge Hotel which sits on the cliffs overlooking the spectacular North Norfolk coast line. From the hotel cliff, you can look along the coast to see the house where the girls got ready in the morning. It was a lovely location to get ready, looking out across windswept gardens and over the sea. Ideal for the everyone to put on a pair of wellies and enjoy a glass of champagne, enjoying the view, before the serious part of the day kicked in.

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