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Yet another wet and blustery weekend this time at the Walled Gardens Cowdray wedding of Sylvia and Will. The Walled Garden at Cowdray is a stunningly beautiful and well kept flower garden, fantastic at this time of year (perhaps not so good in the rain but we’ll move off the topic of the weather!) My emotional antennae is usually well tuned in and I could gauge a fair bit of anxiety from both Sylvia and Will but it wasn’t until after the ceremony, when the two of them had the chance to be with each other, did the emotions start to flow. I love this shot as it really shows how happy these two were to have just got married, rain or shine, these guys are so into each other, nothing else matters. And without a doubt, most emotional moment (of many emotional moments) goes to the groom’s speech, not a dry eye in the house. It’s was a tough call to have this image as the Just One for this week as the image of Will giving his speech would make even a stone heart melt. But this is definitely the happiest image I’ve seen in a long time! Many more to follow soon.

walled gardens cowdray

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